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Duration: 7:00 Views: 3 717 Submitted: 2 years ago
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Description: Hailey was a hot young blonde teen with a lot on her mind. She seemed a little nervous and was talking a lot. I just nod my head, listen to their problems, and do what I'm paid to do: massage these tight young teen asses. My plan of attack was to tell Hailey about a new vibrating machine that would take away all the pain in her back. I started using it on her butt and her back and later on I moved onto her tight pussy. That's when she went fucking nuts moaning! Once I had her nice and wet, I moved onto fucking her raw on my table. This freaky ass ho let me hit it and pull on her hair and even cum all over her back. Afterwards she told me I'm the best and all her pain is gone! Fuck yeah!