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Description: So we are back in Colombia again. My cousin Giovanni picked me up to show me around Colombia a little and hopefully find us a sexy Latina to penetrate. His English isn't too good so I had to translate as much as I could and speak slowly when speaking English. Haha Giovanni speaks English with a thick Asian accent! One of the funniest things I've ever heard. His mission was to expose us to a real deal Loca Latina that loves to fuck. That didn't take too long. We were sitting on the sidewalk when a Beautiful young hottie walked by. She was staring the whole time and we couldn't help but stare back. A second later she walked by again and we knew we couldn't let this opportunity pass so we called her over. Her name was Juliana and she was really friendly. She was thirsty so Giovanni went to get her a drink and I got to know her a bit. She lived down the street and so was down to go hang out with us. She came back to our house and she wasn't wasting anytime. Her and Giovanni hit it off and in the door way they were making out and she dropped to her knees and gave some nice mouth love. We went upstairs and they started doing there thing. There was only so much I could watch before I just had to join in. I had her blow me for a bit too and me and Giovanni left her beautiful face full of gooey goodness.