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Voluptuous darling Marianna Delgado has her smooth slit destroyed

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Description: In South America the biggest events are always the soccer games. We ventured over to Buenos Aires, Argentina and found that out when we went to a restaurant. It was empty and the only person there was a sexy young waitress named Marianna. Argentina was playing Brazil and all the guys left her there alone to take care of the restaurant. She brought us out some drinks and brought one out for herself. We introduced Primo as a loco and she immediately told us she was quite loca herself. You know that we like the locas! Marianna and Primo got to know each other quite well and thing heated up a bit. I guess since everyone left her she wanted to have some fun too so she began making out with Primo and by accident both of our dicks fell into her mouth… a couple times. She loved dick. I mean she really really loved dick and invited us back to her house on the other side of the restaurant. Primo had her bent over on the bed and slammed that pussy. She was still fiending for cock so I jumped in again and we double teamed her. You’ll never find a girl that loved dick so much!!!