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Description: Jeannie Marie is a world-famous pop singer, adored by millions of fans, especially young men. She's beautiful, talented, and seems to have life by the short-and-curlies. But she doesn't have any time to find guys to fuck! It's becoming a serious problem for this delicate, creative genius. When she's assigned a new bodyguard, Vinny Castillo, Jeannie decides to seduce him. And when she gets a look at him, she feels she must have his cock in her mouth. But Vinny is a consummate professional. He takes his job seriously and follows the rules...most of the time. Jeannie's first advances are unsuccessful. She cranks up the pressure by suggesting the possibility of career advancement. Vinny can't say no to that...OR the thought of sliding his hard dick into Jeannie's mouth! And once he gets his motor running, Vinny won't stop until he gives this pop star the intense pounding she needs to foster the creativity that brings joy to millions.Enjoy!