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Description: This gorgeous beauty came into the office and wanted to know if she was pregnant or not. She had been trying for a long time with her boyfriend and thought she had conceived, but a pregnancy test she did was inconclusive. So after sending her to get me a urine sample I soon had her on my examining table with her shorts and panties off. I told her I would test her and as I delicately inserted my doctors digits into that very tight, wet hole of hers, I began to ask if she had thought about artificial insemination. I was trying to convince her that I could plant my seed as she was so desperate for a baby, and she could bring it up with her boyfriend, who appeared to be shooting blanks. She wasn't up for it at all at first, but as I slid my glistening gloved fingers in and out of her, she soon warmed to the idea. After repeatedly telling her no one would ever find out about this, I soon silenced her by licking her moist pussy. She was groaning with pleasure and I was dying to be deep inside her so I slid my cock into her love tunnel. Her pussy gripped my cock like it was never going to let go, and I pumped in and out of her, feeling her convulse with waves of pleasure. After turning her around and fucking her beautifully from behind I knew I would not be able to last much longer. I put her back on her back and began to slide in and out of her. It wasn't long before I was shooting my seed deep inside her, filling her pussy up with the doctors fertility treatment. I puled out and I could see this beautiful creampie blossoming, so I told her to push it back in and not wash her pussy till tomorrow. Another satisfying session, I really do love helping my patients out.