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Nasty bimbo Karlie Simon does not speak many foreign languages but she knows how to ask for sex

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Description: You know what, I didn't think I had an interview lined up today... Well, turns out I had. Lucky really as I was just on my way out for lunch when she turned up on my doorstep. So I ask her, are you here for the interview, she says, yes. So we go back upstairs and get straight into it. I was bloody hank marvin so I thought, bollocks, I'm going to see what she says if I just ask her to strip off. Why not, what the worst that could happen? Hey presto, she agree's, but hesitantly. I must say, this bird looks just as good with her clothes on as she does with them off. A right head turner, blonde, leggy, slim, blue eyes, great tits and a beautiful arse. Thomas cooke couldn't put a package deal together to rival these assets. After getting her to very nearly cum on the couch through a little pussy play I fancied a taste of that sweet little pussy myself, and boy did it taste sweet, I was like a busy little worker bee collecting pussy juice and I got it all over my chops. Then I set about squeezing my cock into her velvet hole in a variety of positions, but paying attention to doggy style as she has got a tremendous arse. After debating whether or not to blow my load over her face or arse it actually ended up in her pussy. Creampie delight. Afterwards I tell her that the interview went very well and to my complete amazement she says, good, so have I got the typists job then? Typists job, what fucking typists job? She's only gone to the wrong fucking interview! Laughed my bloody socks off. Enjoy.