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Description: Well boys and girls, this interview is definitely for the POV lover. One of my cam's started playing up, then went fucking bang. Had to run down to Nick the bubble to see if he could repair it. Anyway, more importantly, Nicola. Yes, my 2pm appointment. Nicola came to me jobless and desperate to earn some quick cash by maybe doing some glamour modelling. Well, she is very pretty and has great natural tit's and would do well in glamour... But unfortunately for her that's not on offer at this agent's office. What is on offer is a huge slice of hardcore sex, which she found hard to swallow at first, but slowly came around to the idea after a while. Well they all do eventually. This one was a real dark horse, she seemed shy at first but then really came out of her shell. Bringing herself off, deep throating, tongue fucking my arse, like I said, a dark horse. As she treated me so well, I re-payed the favour... Gave her pussy a damn good seeing to. First with my tongue, then my fingers, followed by my cock. Fucking her in some of my classic couch positions then finishing with my favourite... A face full of spunk.