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Voluptuous diva Christine Heidy receives a thick rod in her pussy

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 4 254 Submitted: 5 months ago
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Description: My nurse went first when it came to this sexy patient as you all saw in the last update, and now she had been sexually prepped by my naughty nurse it was time for the doctor to get hands on with this gorgeous patient. Her boyfriend was a slight concern for me, he had been waiting in the reception area for quite some time now but I weighed the risk against the reward and thought it was worth it. This patient had a gorgeous body and as my nurse had just fucked her she was all wet and ready for more. I could sense sexual heat emanating from her as I slowly began my own massage on the afflicted area. It wasn't long before she was confessing to me that she was a bisexual woman and I was soon sliding my digits deep inside her velvet folds. This woman was insatiable and what followed was an amazing fuck session on my examining table. She was gushing wet also, when I fingered fucked her she was literally erupting like an over excited geyser. I must have made her cum at least 3 times fucking her in a few positions, but when I took her from behind it was too much even for my self control. I barely pulled out in time before erupting my medical salve all over her pussy and ass cheeks. An amazing day at the office for both my nurse and I, life doesn't get better then this.