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Description: Shirly (50 mins) Shirly is a real fire cracker. Her beautiful blonde hair was making my cock twitch with anticipation. The knowledge that she was harbouring a pussy just ten feet away was enough to drive me crazy. She was suitably impressed by her surroundings which made it that much easier to sell her my story, and she bought it hook line and sinker. Shirly is a Serbian beauty who was on holiday when I met her in a bar and started chatting to her about modelling. She seemed really keen so I told her about my agency. I offered her lots of money and work if she did what I said, which was ideal for her because she'd just finished studying so she was ready to do something new with her life. I told her she could come and do a shoot with me in Ibiza because she looked like bit of a party girl. The Serbian minx looked so hot on the white couch I couldn't wait to get her out of them panties and into her birthday suit. I wanted to do a bikini shoot with her but she didn't have a bra so I just had to do it topless, haha. When I approached her and started feeling her the chemisty was obvious so I asked her for a kiss and before we knew it I was eating her out... We had hot sex on the white leather and I ended up spunking over her tanned ass... Shirly you're a top girl!